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wxc exists to help women learn about crypto, web3 & create generational wealth.

I'm obsessed with guiding women towards crypto & web3, making them shine their brightest in a male-dominated industry, and creating a future of their wildest dreams.

What began as a little outlet to learn about crypto blossomed into a vision to inspire multi-passionate women to own their finances and step into the crypto and web3 world. At women x crypto, I've created a space for women of all walks to connect, learn and radiate together - This is where I explain web3, crypto, and the technology behind it in plain English and where you can learn:

  • how to strategically invest for the future (NO get-rich-quick advice here)
  • how to not let emotions and FOMO dictate your next steps
  • how to take profits along the way and
  • how to create the future of your wildest dreams.

If you want to step into the crypto world and take your finances into your own hands, THEN welcome home. Grab a coffee or a rose & let's get started.

womenxcrypto - crypto mini course

crypto mini course
5 days to $5 invested

At this point, you “know” you need to figure out crypto and web3. This isn't the first time you've heard how crypto is changing the world. You maybe made a mental note to 'check it out' once or twice, but haven't really put it on your to-do-today list yet. Maybe you're intimidated, or maybe you're not sure if it’s not just for men. Maybe the tech scares you, or you feel like you have ZERO time to figure things out... whatever excuses have been holding you back, it's time to put it into a box and lock it away!

Let's turn the maybes into a real action plan! Sign up for my 5 DAY crypto e-mail course and start learning the basics of blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies & crypto investing. Everything you need to do your first educated crypto investment and a step-by-step guide to investing your first 5$ in crypto.

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Cryptocurrency investing can be incredibly exciting; there's a massive potential for high returns and generational wealth creation. But because of the newness and the lack of regulation of the crypto industry, crypto investing also comes with a significant amount of risk.


The Future is

Join the community of curious, warm & ambitious women who want to step into web3 & learn about crypto investing. Expect a space to ask all your questions with great conversations, educational content and virtual hangs.

PS: It's free.

Thank you for giving me the confidence and necessary tools to make my first educated crypto investment and making me feel like I belong here.

Lisa Wu, 31


NFTs 101 - What you need to know !

For everyone who wants to understand what NFTs are and why they are not just JPEGS you can copy-paste. Learn easy to follow steps to invest and research your first NFT projects. PLUS how invest in NFTs without actually buying an NFT.

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